It could be said that the Schulz family have Beer in their veins. Father, Wolfgang, mother, Ilona, and the brothers Nico and Stefan live, breathe, think, and work all components of the Schulz Bräu Brewing Company in a valiant effort to bring German excellence and authenticity to Knoxville, TN.

nicoThe Schulz family chose to bring the exacting German brewing know-how and culture to Knoxville based purely on family reasons. After Nico graduated with a Food Science degree in Lexington, KY, he established, and still owns, a very successful brewery there.  But Nico’s family and then fiancee Brittany, who was attending pharmacy school at the time, all lived in Knoxville.  So, Nico found himself in Knoxville.  A lot.  Thus it was decided Knoxville would be the perfect location for a second brewery.

Originally from Germany, the Schulz family say America is now their home. But they missed an important component from their lives:  seriously good, real, authentic German beer.  They developed a deep desire to bring a taste of the dark, stout lager to the USA, but they did not want to perpetuate the Americanized version of Germany, but wanted to introduce us to the Real Germany, with a personal touch.

Everything you see, taste, and experience, from the traditional server’s outfits to the furniture surrounding you, are as they would be in Germany.  When asked why the Schulz family chose to outfit the wait staff in dirndls and lederhosen instead of “regular clothes”, their simple reply was they believe it adds to the authentic experience they are trying to recreate.  They don’t want Schulz Bräu Brewing to be just another “pub”.

The two things they are most proud of is the brewing of their true German lagers and ales — made from grains and hops actually imported from Germany, and the unexpected, open, high-walled Biergarten (Beer Garden), just beyond the Great Hall Taproom.  Everything you see, taste, and touch here is actually from Germany — from the hops and grains you drink to the traditional serving outfits, tables, benches, and decorations — they have all been purchased and imported from other German pubs!

Of course, all the ambiance in the world is of little worth if the product is not very good.  But it is.  Check out their most recent reviews.  

Is the family done with the opening of this second brewery?  Nope.  While they currently have food trucks serving their patrons, their future plans include adding kitchen facilities, bottling their six original braus for distribution (currently everything is on tap), and they have even expressed an interest in opening a third location; perhaps further west over the Mississippi River.